Breast Cancer

Follow along on our guide to Breast Cancer, an exploration of the latest recommendations and research on diagnosis, treatment, and management of this most common cancer in women (after skin cancer), although it also occurs in men. Each monthly installment of the Medical Journey will delve into another aspect of breast cancer, including warning signs and symptoms, genetic factors, treatment options, coping strategies, the importance of early detection, palliative care, and lessons learned -- all of which have undergone expert review. Every installment will also include a separate, downloadable, printable information resource for patients.


Breast Cancer: The Basics of Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment

–Also, an overview of epidemiologic and geographic trends

Breast Cancer: Making the Diagnosis With Breast Biopsy

–Most suspicious lesions will need more diagnostic workup via biopsy and pathology

What to Know About Management of Early-Stage Breast Cancer

–Which patients are eligible for breast-conservation therapy, and what is the role of non-surgical treatment?

Case Study: Older Male With Rash, Chest Swelling, and Mysterious Skin Issues

–Diagnosis was complicated by obesity and overall limited understanding of gynecomastia

Breast Cancer Palliative Care and Metastatic Disease: Looking Beyond End of Life

–Supportive care should start at diagnosis and be an integral part of active treatment

Case Study: Patient with Rare Breast Cancer Has Surprising Response to NAC

–Near-complete pathologic response allowed for breast conservation rather than complete mastectomy
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