Miley Cyrus-Assisted CPR; How ľֱ Students Watch 'The Bachelor'; Prior Auth Woes

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Following the 2024 Grammy Awards, the American Heart Association (AHA) highlighted award-winning songs that could double as tunes to assist with Hands-Only CPR,

Mixed-reality headsets will future nursing care as technology advances, @nurseblake predicts.

"These societies are run by people who are clueless," says hematologist Aaron Goodman, MD, after receiving an American Medical Association after a long day on call.

What do medical students think about when watching "The Bachelor"? @sarahmariiieeee , focusing on contestants' possible illnesses.

In honor of Black History Month, medical student Sydney DeVore the need for equitable representation of African-American doctors in the workforce.

"Why is childbirth the only exquisitely painful acute physical process where individuals think success is defined by the omission of pain medication?" urologist Ashley Winter, MD.

According to Christy Snodgrass, RN, the frustrating process of prior authorization is

Is it distasteful to sing about heart attacks while at a heart disease-focused event? Singer Demi Lovato for a seemingly inappropriate song choice during her performance at an AHA concert.

"You're a fat shamer, you're weight-biased," says pediatrician and obesity physician Karla Lester, MD, in by fitness media personality Jillian Michaels.

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