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CMS Proposes 2.8% Cut to Medicare Physician Fees for 2025

One group calls proposal "critically short-sighted"


Senate Committee Wrestles With Risks and Benefits of Virus Research

Specter of COVID lab-leak theory looms over discussion

6 Hrs Ago
Public Health & Policy
What Can Be Done About Medical Debt?

Senators, witnesses mull solutions ranging from more competition to Medicare for All

6 Hrs Ago
Pop Medicine
How Concerned Should We Be About Metal in Tampons?

Tampons contain lead and arsenic, but some say the levels aren't anything to worry about

8 Hrs Ago

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Genes, Air Pollution Combine to Raise Lupus Risk

British data suggest how environmental and genetic factors add together

10 Hrs Ago
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Special Reports
More Physicians at Washington Hospitals File to Unionize

The group was motivated by recent efforts of other physicians nearby

10 Hrs Ago
A photo of Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon, Washington
Pop Medicine
Ob/Gyn's Hygiene Advice; New Residency Season Kicks Off; How to Survive Night Shifts

Healthcare social media content gathered by 木瓜直播 staff

11 Hrs Ago
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Which States Could Have Abortion on the Ballot in 2024?

Where voters will have their say

12 Hrs Ago
A photo of boxes containing signatures being delivered to a room in the state Capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Pop Medicine
5 Doctor 木瓜直播 with the Least Burnout in 2024

Plastic surgery and ophthalmology top the list

12 Hrs Ago
The thumbnail for this YouTube video with a cartoon man in scrubs and the words: Least Burnt Out Specialty
Special Reports
Doc Shot By Police; Doc Spent Embezzled Funds on Doggy Daycare; Joyner Suit Update

A weekly roundup of healthcare's encounters with the courts

12 Hrs Ago
Legal Break over a blindfolded Lady Justice statue holding scales.
Infectious Disease
Newborn Hep B Vax Refusal Rates Dropped During Pandemic, D.C. Study Finds

Hospital setting may offer unique opportunity to increase vaccination rates

12 Hrs Ago
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Rheumatology Meds Seen Cutting AMD Risk

Claims data point to possible protective effect for one common drug class

A distorted Amsler grid over a photo of an eye.
Refractory Multiple Myeloma Responsive to Immunotherapy Plus Low-Dose Radiotherapy

A third of patients who had received multiple prior lines of therapy responded, small study shows

A computer rendering of multiple myeloma cells.
Pop Medicine
What Are Doctors and Nurses Reading This Summer?

From a fictional family saga to tales of the emergency department, the list runs the gamut

A photo of a woman reading a book in her backyard.
Diuretics for Ambulatory HF Patients With Volume Overload: Winners & Losers

Three regimens compared head-to-head among abundant choices

A close up photo of a senior woman鈥檚 hand with an intravenous line attached.
Infectious Disease
Nirsevimab Effectiveness Against Severe RSV Holds Up in Real-World Study

Monoclonal antibody also reduced PICU admissions, need for ventilatory support

A photo of the nirsevimab (Beyfortus) packaging and syringe over a computer rendering of a respiratory syncytial virus.
Doctors Work to Clarify New Audiology Scope-of-Practice Law in Maryland

Concern centers around provision allowing audiologists to perform "health screenings"

A photo of a male audiologist looking at a computer monitor while his male patient looks on from a sound booth.
If CD19 CAR T-Cell Therapy Fails in Lymphoma, Try a CD22 Version

Durable response possible with treatment targeting a different antigen

A computer rendering of CAR-T cells attacking B-cell lymphoma cells.
Public Health & Policy
Bad Air Quality in Pregnancy Hikes Cerebral Palsy Risk in Offspring

Study finds yet another problem linked to fine particulate pollution

A photo of smog over the city of Toronto, Canada.
Primary Care
Specialists Say There Are Benefits to Couples Sleeping Separately

More than one-third of Americans said they occasionally or consistently sleep in another room

An illustration of man and a woman sleeping.
Vibegron Benefit Extends to Men on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Meds

Overactive bladder symptoms improved after 12 weeks of treatment

A photo of a bottle of Gemtesa tablets over a computer rendering of a prostate gland.
Special Reports
These Six 木瓜直播 Have the Highest Rates of Burnout

Annual AMA survey shows declines for all specialties, but many still above 50%

A photo of a male physician offering his stethoscope to anyone who will take it.


TTUHSC EL PASO HEALTHWATCH with their logo and photos of Rick Lange, MD, and Elizabeth Tracey
Aspirin Overuse; Biotypes of Depression and Anxiety

Also in TTHealthWatch: medications and the liver, and managing gestational diabetes

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MedPod Today
MedPod Today: Abortion Ban Workarounds; Bungled COVID Vax Paper; Texas Doc Indicted

木瓜直播 reporters offer further insights into these recently covered topics

An illustration of a physician holding a patient's hand with the text The Doctor's Art - A podcast on Meaning in Medicine
The Doctor's Art
A Life in Medical Innovation and Philanthropy

A discussion with the former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Anamnesis logo over an illustration of hands changing the gears inside of a person鈥檚 head.
Rx for Reality: Clinicians Confront Medical Gaslighting

Three healthcare professionals describe when they were gaslit by their peers

From the Advisory Board

A computer rendering of binders in a trash or recycling bin.
Jeremy Faust, MD
What I Learned When My Research Project Got 'Scooped'

This past week was probably the toughest of my research career

A photo of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.
Chloe Nazra Lee, MD, MPH
Even in the Wake of the Rahimi Case, Domestic Violence Still Threatens Our Patients

We need to dispel myths about abuse and better educate physicians on this danger

Jeremy Faust, MD
Bullet-Related Injuries: 'The Problem Is Our Relationship to Lethal Force'

Injuries will make one person cling to guns and another renounce them, says LJ Punch, MD

A computer rendering of T-cells attacking growing cancer cells.
Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS
When a Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Causes Cancer

The potential benefits of CAR T-cell therapies still far outweigh the risks