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A photo of the offices of the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.
The Next Big Challenges for Medication Abortion

Anti-abortion states continue to fight; a possible Trump victory opens door to new strategies


'Only Side Effects Are Good Ones': What We Heard This Week

Quotable quotes heard by 木瓜直播's reporters

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Public Health & Policy
Funding Instability Plagues Program That Brings Docs to Underserved Areas

Unlike funds for Medicare graduate medical education, funding must be appropriated by Congress

10 Hrs Ago
I Tried to Protect My Mother From Dying in Pain. The Law Robbed Her of That Dignity.

It's time to clear the roadblocks to Medical Aid in Dying in the U.S.

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Public Health & Policy
Community Intervention for Opioid Overdose Falls Flat, but Also Faced Challenges

"Game plan" established to get evidence-based practices into the real world, researcher says

A photo of posters on a cinder block wall advertising access to overdose and disease prevention.
Infectious Disease
H5N1 Is Highly Lethal, but Only in Some Animals. Scientists Want to Know Why.

And what if the virus mutates in a way that changes all that?

A photo of dead sea bird beside a dead sea lion on the beach at Punta Bermeja in the Patagonian province of R铆o Negro
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SpA Patients Do Just Fine Managing Their Own Follow-Up Care

Randomized trial suggests usual practice is wasteful

EULAR over a photo of Vienna Exhibition Center in Vienna, Austria.
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How Did the Supreme Court Rule on Mifepristone?

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Izokibep Marches on for Psoriatic Arthritis

Early phase III data cement case for novel IL-17A inhibitor

EULAR over a photo of Vienna Exhibition Center in Vienna, Austria.
Train Eyes so Myopia Doesn't Get Worse? Nurse Intervention for BP Post-Stroke

Also in TTHealthWatch: cancers subsequent to CAR-T therapy

TTUHSC EL PASO HEALTHWATCH with their logo and photos of Rick Lange, MD, and Elizabeth Tracey
Emergency Medicine
Late-Window Tenecteplase for Stroke Works When Thrombectomy's Out of the Question

TRACE-III trial finds benefit for lytic given up to 24 hours after stroke onset

A series of CT scans of a brain after ischemic stroke.
Critical Care
SGLT2 Inhibitor No Help for ICU Patients With Acute Organ Dysfunction

Secondary findings of trial only suggest a potential benefit in kidney protection

A photo of a vital signs monitor and a nurse tending to a patient in the ICU.
Public Health & Policy
Inside the Struggle to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academic Medicine

DEI leaders need more tools and authority, qualitative study suggests

A photo of a cluttered desk.
Special Reports
What to Know About Medetomidine and Drug Overdoses

Powerful animal sedative is mixed with fentanyl in the drug supply

A photo of a vial of medetomidine.
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Atezolizumab Consolidation Impresses in High-Risk DLBCL

Will 2-year DFS of 88%, OS of 96% renew interest in checkpoint inhibitor consolidation?

EHA over a photo of IFEMA Madrid in Spain.
Infectious Disease
Some Pasteurization Methods May Not Clear H5N1 in Heavily Infected Milk

In experimental study, trace infectious virus detectable in some samples heated for short periods

A photo of pasteurization equipment at a dairy plant.
Meeting Coverage
Novel URAT1 Inhibitors Advance for Gout

New treatment options on the horizon come into better focus

EULAR over a photo of Vienna Exhibition Center in Vienna, Austria.
People Flock to Indian City to Swallow Live Fish as 'Miracle Cure' for Asthma

But scientific groups and others say there is no proof behind it

A photo of a live fish covered in yellow herbal paste being stuffed into a child鈥檚 mouth in Hyderabad, India.
Kate Middleton Gives Cancer Update

Princess of Wales says she's making "good progress" in treatment

A photo of Kate Middleton
Critical Care
PPI Prevents Upper GI Bleeds During Intubation, With No Effect on Mortality

But expert still suggests the approach may not be appropriate for the most severely ill

A computer rendering of a stomach ulcer.
Meeting Coverage
OA Patients Get Long-Term Benefit From Lifestyle Improvements

Improvement in pain and function lasted well after formal program ended

EULAR over a photo of Vienna Exhibition Center in Vienna, Austria.
Stereotactic Radiotherapy Reduces Use of Anti-VEGF Therapy in Neovascular AMD

No loss in visual acuity, with reduced cost of treatment

A computer rendering of a cutaway eye receiving stereotactic body radiation
Meeting Coverage
Adding Isatuximab to Standard Backbone Prolongs PFS in Myeloma

Joseph Mikhael, MD, leads a roundtable discussion on two positive phase III trials from ASCO

Meeting Coverage
Osimertinib Plus SABR Appears Safe, Effective for Advanced EGFR-Mutant NSCLC

The addition of SABR appears to provide PFS, OS benefit when considered against historical data



MedPod Today over a blue designed background
MedPod Today
MedPod Today: Thumbs Down for MDMA; NEJM Embargo Policy Reversed; 'Margarita Burn'

木瓜直播 reporters offer further insights into these recently covered topics

TTUHSC EL PASO HEALTHWATCH with their logo and photos of Rick Lange, MD, and Elizabeth Tracey
Artery Inflammation and CV Events; Stepped Palliative Care for Lung Cancer Patients

Also in TTHealthWatch: diets and medicine in IBS and active surveillance in prostate cancer

An illustration of a physician holding a patient's hand with the text The Doctor's Art - A podcast on Meaning in Medicine
The Doctor's Art
A Life in Medical Innovation and Philanthropy

A discussion with the former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Anamnesis logo over an illustration of hands changing the gears inside of a person鈥檚 head.
Rx for Reality: Clinicians Confront Medical Gaslighting

Three healthcare professionals describe when they were gaslit by their peers

From the Advisory Board

Jeremy Faust, MD
A New Framework for Addressing 'Bullet-Related Injury'

LJ Punch, MD, on a bullet's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual impact

 A photo of a blue rubber gloved hand holding a box of Paxlovid.
Jeremy Faust, MD
Paxlovid Trial Flops for COVID Pneumonia

Small study found no decrease in mortality among inpatients in three countries

Jeremy Faust, MD
Former Surgeon General: High Medical Debt 'Obliterating Our Country's Future'

Jerome Adams, MD, MPH, discusses the problem with high deductibles and health savings accounts

Jeremy Faust, MD
Former U.S. Surgeon General: We're Not Ready as a Nation for Single-Payer Healthcare

Jerome Adams, MD, discusses how we could systematically lower healthcare costs

Jeremy Faust, MD
Former Surgeon General's Exorbitant ED Bill: Impact of 'Cover Your Ass' Care

Jerome Adams, MD, MPH, sits down with 木瓜直播 to discuss his recent $10,000 ED bill

 A woman physician stares at a male physician while he is working.
Chloe Nazra Lee, MD
Men Too: Sexual Harassment in the Operating Room

The fear and anxiety that come with harassment cross all boundaries

 A photo of Paolo Macchiarini
Chloe Nazra Lee, MD, MPH
Bad Surgeon: Barriers to Addressing Medical Misconduct

Our culture rejects self-criticism, censors frank discussion, and too often hides misconduct

A computer rendering of T-cells attacking growing cancer cells.
Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS
When a Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Causes Cancer

The potential benefits of CAR T-cell therapies still far outweigh the risks